Wilder x Rye London Supper Club

Wilder x Rye London Supper Club


Introducing our new monthly supper club; Wilder x Rye London. 

Join us for an evening of exploring the beauty of ingredients gathered from the land and sea, in our light filled studio.

We'll gather over a five course menu with a focus on the use of wild ingredients sourced by our forager Yun, and curated by Richard Mclellan - Head Chef at the Typing Room.

Yun picks from the woods, beaches and grassland areas of South Wales, and over the course of the evening we will learn about the provenance, flavour complexity, seasonality and usage of these ingredients.

A greeting cocktail will be put together by our bar tender, and the meal will be finished with Jing tea, and a soothing herbal tonic using locally foraged ingredients, produced by Jamu Kitchen. Biodynamic organic red and white wine will be served alongside the supper. 

Saturday 25 March
17:30 – 21:30

Tickets can be purchased below, or here.


Sherry, sorrel and pear

Potato, smoked roe and gutweed

Cods tongue, ramsons and capers

Bread cracker, celeriac and nettles

Raw lamb, scarlet elf caps, oyster and sea beet

Squid, fermented cabbage and pennywort

Cured belly, laverbread, calçot and sea kale

Curds, sorrel, oats and vetch

* Please note that all tickets are non-refundable

* Vegetarian options are available on request 

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