Friends Of Rye Winter Recipes eBook

Friends Of Rye Winter Recipes eBook


Friends of Rye Winter Recipe eBooklet featuring recipes from Benjamina Ebuehi, Edd Kimber, Anna Jones, Cook + Baker, Antonia Magor, and many more.

This little eBook is a celebration.

A celebration of the studio turning one year old, of the festive season, of food and most of all, of our friends.

Since nervously edging our doors open in December 2016, things have happened that back then we didn’t yet imagine were possible. Many meals have been shared, countless photos have been captured, and a handful of hard lessons have been learnt.

The best part of the job is however, without a doubt, the crazy cool people who have visited us here. We’ve been lucky enough to meet the kind of people that turn the good days into great days and make the cold days a bit cosier. People who we now get to call our friends.

So, we decided to share the love on these pages. Love in the form of seasonal recipes from our friends, a bunch of really nice people who make really nice food and made this a really, really nice year.

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